Friday, September 18, 2020


I think it's the Jewish new year so, Shana Tova. Ruth Bader Ginsburg just died. I truly hope Trump doesn't get to appoint someone new before he leaves office. The Super Mario franchise got re-released on Switch, and I saw Kid Icarus on it. I only just realized that's what Adam's Instagram handle is a pun of, I never knew there was a game called Kid Icarus. I think Adam has a girlfriend now, which is great for him. One time, I met a guy I used to date, I thought he wanted to be friends because I knew he had a girlfriend, and he kissed me full on the lips when we met. I was pretty appalled by that and I never spoke to him again. Women who cheat on other women knowingly are just terrible. These past two weeks, I've been a sort-of interim therapist for my friends and family members, because they've been caught in undesirable social situations, due to the fact that men are socialized to become scumbags. I feel a lot of feelings on behalf of my friends, because I'm personally invested in their well-being and I know the parties involved. This is why you cannot be a therapist for your friends or the people you know, you will burn out pretty easily. Anyway, I was talking about Super Mario. We watched a guy called Kosmic do a speedrun of the original Mario Bros and he completed it within five minutes. I don't quite understand the point of speedruns and the intensity of hitting subpixel precision but I do appreciate it's an art. I'm going to try my best not to spend the next few weekends playing Super Mario, because I've actually got a full plate of other things that matter. For example, I leave in three months but have yet to apply for my student visa. I also really do need to go back to a routine of some exercise, tonight I'll skip rope.

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