Monday, September 21, 2020


hello again
friend of a friend
I knew you well

Today, I provided character reference for a friend who's applying for a new job. I think the interviewer believed me, which is great, because I was just honest. I hope she gets it, it's a cool job and I'd wanna hear all about it. Last week, we rewatched Scott Pilgrim vs The World. I'd forgotten that it was set in Canada. I've heard the movie doesn't do justice to the comics (lbr no film adaptation ever, ever does, no exceptions) but I've never read them so I think the movie does just fine. I really like how the premise seems to be about Scott battling Ramona's seven evil exes, whilst he's actually a terrible person himself who cheated on Knives, and then the real arc is in him defeating his previous self. I just spoiled the movie but I have a feeling everyone has already seen it. I rewatch it once a year and I like being reminded that battles with other people usually just end up in battling yourself and in self-growth, yada yada yada, whatever you know the drill. While doing the character reference, I got reminded of my cousin who's a radiographer. Occasionally, she sends me a report to vet through, when she's applying for scholarships or whatever. My friend who also has a small business selling makeup sponges and tools asked me to write up on her and her business for the website. I like being good with words, because while I read and write about things, I get to learn a lot about the minute details of different industries and occupations. I also really like it that these people trust me to communicate messages that aren't necessarily easy to convey. It's not often that I have stretches of feeling comfortable in my own skin. 

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