Sunday, November 22, 2020


On any given day, I start my morning thinking of Tina. We just FaceTimed for close to two hours. We chatted about the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, when I’m there next year, doing a Friendsgiving might be fun. I do not know if men discuss the tattoos of the people they bed, but I’m aware of some of the tattoos on some of the men’s bodies some of my best friends have been intimate with. It is thrilling, discussing the meanings or non-meanings of such things. Should I start an OnlyFans to fund my education for the next four years? The answer to that is a resounding no, but it’s always a question I can ask. 

There is a person at lululemon who’s also a pilot, she joined the team recently and I guess she joined because there aren’t a lot of flights happening at this time. She’s my age so I initially thought I wouldn’t really connect with her because her accomplishments seemingly tower over mine. However, she shared a vulnerable fact with me, making herself vulnerable, and I instantly liked her. She has a base check coming up soon, I think that’s when her piloting skills get reevaluated and she was on edge. I think it’s nice when people show their vulnerable sides, because that’s the most relatable part of being human. We all go through shit and we’re possibly the only beings capable of processing and making meaning of the shit we go through and connecting through it, so why would you let that go to waste?

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