Wednesday, January 20, 2021


The US is on a decline, move to Canada with me.
Let’s have a second first date at the diner.
The world feels like it’s ending and you make me feel safe.
There is no answer but Eleanor is the answer. 
Talk to me and let me talk to you until I begin spouting nonsense while I drift off to sleep. 
The greatest loves of all time are over now.
When you know, you know. You know?
I love you and I like you.
And if my wishes came true, it would have been you.
Eleanor — find Chidi.
Take the Subway, cross the road, walk past the liquor store, and head for Prospect Park. 
You prefer it to Central Park anyway.
When I first met you, I thought you were a fascist hardass.
Which of these are quotes from TV shows and films, and which are off the top of my head? 
Taylor Swift sings some of them.
The first movie we were supposed to watch together was Into The Spiderverse, but then there was a technical glitch.
We never got a do-over, and I would like if we did.
Call it what you want, yeah, call it what you want to.

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