Tuesday, April 20, 2021


I have a Politics exam paper in half an hour (now thirteen minutes). I have one more Eastern Philosophy essay to submit a week from now. Once the philo paper is submitted, I will be done with my first semester of school. Seven more days. 168 hours. I can do this. I have been very stressed throughout the month, but I am personally responsible for that, for taking on way too many jobs and opportunities. Derek Chauvin has been charged with the murder of George Floyd. It's one step forward but not damn near enough. Justice cannot be served when the system that exists prevents justice, every day. It's time to abolish the police, dismantle the patriarchy, destroy capitalism. Recently, I said to someone I was subconsciously angry at capitalism, and if I weren't working all the damn time to survive, I would be much healthier. They said, having observed Communism, it's sadly not much better. I retorted that I think that's a narrow mindset, that when someone criticises capitalism you gotta compare it to communism (or what you think communism is) or a failing system that you know, because we are human beings, if there's anything we're capable of, it's dreaming up new systems and ways of being. If you can do it with outerspace, why the fuck not dream about different things on Earth. Why the fuck not? Alright, my exam paper has been emailed to me. Sarah Mei, out! 

Also, she always types my name with a hyphen, I don't know why. I have clearly never used a hyphen in my name, because there is no hyphen in my name. ????????

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