Thursday, July 1, 2021


I went for a yoga session with my lululemon friends last night. It was at Gardens By The Bay, where there’s a Dale Chihuly exhibition. He’s known for glass sculptures. Mel said Chihuly is based out of Seattle, so I could see more of his works in future, potentially. Apparently there’s a ferry between where I’ll be studying, and Seattle, among other parts of the Western North American coast. Anyway, the session was beautiful. It had rained in the day, so the breeze and the darkening setting-sun sky made it the perfect weather. I was in my yoga practice and felt multiple bugs crawling over me, which would normally have unsettled me, but I couldn’t see what they were, I didn’t know what they were, and I didn’t care! It was a beautiful setting, and I was with people I love, and it was the perfect way to start off July and the second half of the year. I have cognitive dissonance about my work, but remain enamoured with the people I work with. I’m going for a spin session after work today, to support Annabelle’s debut as a spin instructor (yes those are the only times I go for spin). Next week, I’m finally going back to boxing, I’m so excited! I have no clue if I really like boxing or I like CruBox classes. CruBox is fun to me. I hope there’s a boxing studio near school. Speaking of CruBox, my boss Sherie (who’s also a spin instructor at CruCycle) said she would make an exception for me, in terms of work benefits, and it will really help me financially. It’s very sweet of her, and I’m going to miss her! In this final sprint, everyone has been helping me out, moneywise, whilst I have been writing essays for scholarships and grants. I need sleep. I will sleep tonight, after work and spin. Have a good weekend, a great July and a beautiful second half of 2021. :)

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