Monday, November 15, 2021


just between us
did the love affair 
maim you too?

I want to tell you about falling in love through mutual friends, by reading someone's Tweets. I want to tell you about waking up from a nap with someone else and his cat, and having him pack leftover food in your little tin container. I want to tell you about the clash of personalities and how love can sometimes not be enough to overcome differences in compatibility, in living spaces and in hobbies. I want to tell you about the resentment I feel when I have hyped someone up in my head and they tell you they're not in the right headspace. I want to tell you many things, but that would be casually cruel in the name of being honest. So I don't say anything. I spoke to Joey last night, it's amazing the things you can find out when you're too depressed to be naughty. He makes Mexican food?! What the fuck, the man has layers?? Yesterday was the first time he tried to draw a line between himself and billionaires, which I appreciated, even though he does work for Elon Musk, and if my calculations are correct, I think he's in the top 10% of the world in terms of wealth. Still, I appreciate his input on my incessant need to improve the world and come up with some viable solutions to world hunger. 

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