Monday, March 18, 2019


Just caught the sixth episode of Drive to Survive. You know, the only reason I get to watch so much Netflix is 'cos the episodes are downloadable so I just while away my transit time to and from work, watching all the content possible. Anyway, in this ep, it shows the 2018 Force India drivers at loggerheads. Esteban Ocon is made out to be the ultimate underdog, whose family didn't have money but somehow got him into F1. They showed him practising on the racing machine at home, with his eyes closed, so he's memorized the turns to the precise seconds. It amazed me, if nothing else. He got dropped though, they had to make way for a new driver with the new investor (who practises blatant nepotism by getting his son to drive for the team he invests in lol wtf is the matter with this sport????). Force India chose to stick with the other driver, Sergio Perez, just 'cos he had more sponsorship money -- which matters a whole lot in an expensive activity like F1. Perez didn't even outqualify Ocon in his home circuit of Mexico, not even with the overwhelming support of his Mexican fans. Money seriously turns the world into bullshit. Sergio Perez's face reminds me of Elon Musk's for some reason, it's got this smug quality that makes you just want to punch him. Also, I think it's hilarious that whenever the show moves to a new circuit, they wax lyrical about how challenging it is and how important it is, and the significance each circuit bears. Then they went to Marina Bay, and nobody said anything about it. It's all glitzed up at night, so no one can see the lack of personality this country has in the day. Oh Singapore, you truly do not matter. No one has a disdain for their home country the way I do, seriously, do you think I could set a world record for it?

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