Monday, March 11, 2019


One of the things I know I shouldn't do when I'm writing is overuse commas. I tend to do so because I type as I'm thinking, so I ramble in run-on sentences instead of using periods effectively, even when they're necessary. I notice it seems to be a reflection of the person I am in life, I just go on and on instead of pausing for breaks in between days and weeks and chapters. I will try to remedy both situations from this point on. My period app says my period is due in three days, and I'm probably going to jinx it (more like: my period is going to wreak havoc on my hormones and then my moods), but I'm feeling happy at the moment. I'm looking forward to future chapters in life, I'm feeling proud of myself for finally having learnt my own value and worth. I really think one of the toughest things I've had to do in life is learning real ways of how to love and be loved, because those lessons were absent in my foundational formative years -- a truth that can be verified because my sister Lyssa struggles with the same issues. Life is calm and fun and joyful, and I haven't had a man in it since January. That may not sound long to you, but as a serial dating addict, that's an accomplishment in my book. Small wins are still wins, and big wins are made of many small wins.

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