Wednesday, April 24, 2019


Mama said, you're a pretty girl
what's in your head, it doesn't matter
brush your hair, fix your teeth
what you wear is all that matters

A guy said he was no longer looking for hookups, then got my number and immediately asked if I had nudes to send him. We hadn't even met. Kinda mixed messages there. Fuckboys can be annoying but most of them at least know where they stand and don't pretend to be something else. I'm tired of men who have this holier-than-thou attitude, who say they're not looking for hookups. Who say they want to be friends, and then look for the first in to sleep with me. You think it hurts to be friendzoned? I wonder how they think it feels to be fuckzoned. Out of 10 men talking to me, 9 if not all 10 are thinking of bedding me. It doesn't even matter that I have one of the longest bios and profiles you'll see, talking about my miscarriage, or about intersectional feminism, or about Scrabble. Men here don't know shit, one thinks just because I'm wearing a revealing dress that he can place his hand on my bare back and lead me around as we walk. We are not good friends, please learn what boundaries and personal space are. The night I met Joey, he didn't touch me the entire night, until I kissed him. The date with Bennett, I held his hand first, and still he asked if he could kiss me at Central Park. I fucking hate being touched without my consent. I also hate hypocrites who are not self-aware. Please stop trash-talking other men and reflect on your goddamn self.

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