Monday, May 6, 2019


So it's the second day of Ramadan and this morning I posted this on Instastories:

We're going to send my sister to hospital cos she's been having chest pains through the night and we have no clue what it is but she's thought on previous nights she might be having heart attacks. And my mother is asking why i'm not fasting bc i'm not having my period. Is there any priority in this family? First of all i have a tattoo so technically i cant pray (not that i ever did) so what is the point of fasting (especially cos i dont want to, which is the bottomline)???? Second of all, you shouldn't even be putting your bodies through something as taxing as fasting when you're unsure of your own medical conditions. This fam will be the death of me.

So I went with Lyssa, she got an ECG as well as an X-ray done. The doctor said they came back normal and we have no history of heart conditions, so they gave her muscle relaxants and painkillers. If she ever dies of a heart attack, we have it on record there was medical negligence, otherwise I am glad that there isn't actually anything seriously wrong with her health.

Before the chaos of this morning, I texted Lucas a list of things for us to do, because I like lists, and it turns out, so does he. They have a pasta maker in their apartment so we can make pasta from scratch! Also he joined SIA's movie review committee and he asked if I wanted to watch the films along with him every month. What, wait, honestly, this man exists?

Here is our list. Feel free to steal any of our plans and make them your own. 

i) Mustafa centre for kebabs n curries and to walk around
ii) Geylang bazaar
iii) let you try tulang merah
iv) chilli crab and mantou buns
v) bring you to Orchard Towers
vi) Haw Par Villa
vii) JB for more food
viii) Botanic Gardens
ix) cook squid ink pasta with homemade angel's hair
x) movie reviews

We can combine some of those activities + food on some dates hehe. (Yes I text in chunks. My brain thinks in prose.)

Also, that list doesn't include our date for this week, we already registered ourselves for the climate change session. I cannot wait to see him again. My fam is whacked~~~

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