Thursday, May 9, 2019


The past two nights, Lucas called after I ended work and we talked about past dates and past lives. He said he had a pet lizard when he was young and I asked him for an estimate of how big it was, and he said 27cm. Twenty-seven centimetres!!! Does it seem like I can gauge how long that is??? I told him to tell me in terms of like an arm or a shoe or something. He says I have BDE, which I kinda do, truly, when I'm not in a depression phase. We went to the REWILD climate change exhibition today, it's based on Netflix's documentary Our Planet and it was interactive and pretty cool. Then we went to pop his chili crab cherry at Newton Circus Food Centre, which he gave a solid 8.4!!! We went back to his place, which he shares with two cool girls. It has a rainbow scarf hung above the window and posters of badasses like RBG, and on one wall his housemate has post-its pasted all over. Green ones are things she wants to promote or see flourish in Singapore, and they include but are totally not limited to: guilt-free breaks, vulnerability, honoring discomfort, spectrums and fluidity, revisionist histories. White ones are things she'd like to see less of in Singapore: binary thinking, capitalism, scarcity and competition, andro-centrism, gender and sexuality, heteronormativity, etc etc. She's basically a person I want to be!!!!! Also, she's lesbian so I would totally date her!!!! I'm dating her housemate instead. Today, Lucas said he would delete his dating apps because he didn't see a point in seeing anyone else, so we both did. This man has handled my heart with such care and caution, I am endlessly amazed at how gracious he is. He turns 27 at the end of this year, and I remember saying a while ago that I would only date men over 30 because they would have "mature" mindsets. Then I think the past three men I have dated (Lucas, Bennett, Adam) were all younger than I am, and I realize, as with my colleagues, that even a couple of years can make a stark difference in society and mindset. The younger generation seem much more open and sensible with their feelings, boys are hopefully more encouraged to be in tune with their softness and sensitive sides, and it truly shows. Saturday is my birthday and Lucas is taking me to eat oysters because we both love oysters. It is shaping up to be the most amazing year indeed. What a lovely gift. The sunflower will always bloom towards the sun.

(As always when I'm dating, I think it's much easier to follow my adventures with Lucas on Instastories because it captures the visual details better than I ever could. Lucas has blue eyes. And for now he has a hickey on his neck, AHAHAHAHA.)

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