Tuesday, May 19, 2020


Sometimes when I'm not sleepy at night, I read r/antimlm on reddit because, IDK, schadenfreude? I don't understand it, but I'd want to sit down with the fervent ones and watch Betting On Zero with them. Maybe watching an hour-long documentary about Herbalife and all their previously scammed participants will open their eyes to the reality, more than any sarcastic comment would. In today's reddit journey, someone posted about a girl who is involved in an MLM (they call them Hun bots), who apparently said she went from pre-med to Monat. The reddit commenter then says "well I was pre-astronaut then" and I burst out laughing. It is simultaneously sad but so entertaining to see this happening. It's almost like a less infuriating flat-Earther community, except that at least flat-Earthers don't spend their money and waste it at all trying to "earn an income"? Sigh sigh sigh. The world is a mess. Also Jeff Bezos has been reported to be the first potential trillionaire whilst workers at Amazon suffer from disgusting conditions like peeing in bottles, etc. Jesus Christ Our Lord and Savior (I say this as a joke: I know my family members who read this may have heart attacks — I don't believe in ANY GOD!) please how is this world to be salvaged. I rewatched Rick and Morty today and was reminded that Rick's catchphrase Wubba Lubba Dub Dub means I am in great pain, please help me (did you know if you Google wubba lubba dub dub that's actually what Google suggests – did you mean: I am in great pain, please help me). The world is a frightening place and the people who see any of it taking place may just be numbing themselves because they can't seem to help, and this is sad sad sad sad sad. Rick is the worst person to be and I don't wanna numb myself and I don't want to be around numb people and oh jfc I went from r/antiMLM to this, maybe I am a Morty instead of a Rick. Wait a second, is Rick the worst person to be or is it Jerry? Nope, definitely Jerry, but Rick is a most extremely close second. If I knew I were a Jerry, I would off myself. I veer between Rick and Morty, though, and I haven't offed myself. Yet. Is it worse to be callous and selfish like Rick or unbelievably dim-witted like Jerry? I'm sure there are people who would say Rick, so I would now rate myself as more callous and selfish than I am dim-witted, because my worst nightmare would be to be dim-witted. I know I am not, anyway. I cannot say the same about being callous and selfish, sometimes I display those traits.


J said...

If you love this, have you checked out the podcast that did an expose on various MLMS called The Dream? I’m still in the middle of it

Sarah said...

I never heard of it before today, but it looks intriguing, I'll definitely listen to it by the end of isolation! Are you... Jon? Or otherwise, sorry, who are you?