Sunday, May 10, 2020

X Æ A-12

Today I am thirty years old. I just got off a call for the practice of enrolment. It's a practice in which you share the things you care about, and try to enrol someone else in why it matters to them. It's a leadership skill that lululemon practises. I'd written my situation down, about my cause of trying to reach out to potential partial sponsors for my education. Then we were separated into breakout rooms, which is Zoom's sort of way for you to go into your own little groups to have further discussions. Out of the group of the Singapore lululemon team of 80 participants, I was in a group with one other person, and that person happened to be my regional manager. She listened to me make my pitch, helped me fine-tune my approach, and also shared her experience with fundraising for her own book. Then she said she'd seen my Instagram and thinks I'm an artist, which I could use to offer as an exchange of services for my potential sponsors. I am highly embarrassed, but this is not at all a bad way to have started my birthday, I suppose. Now I can check off the list for most nervewrecking Zoom call on a birthday one could ever have.

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