Tuesday, July 21, 2020


I woke up at 5am this morning to get to work by 7am. We did visual merchandising which is when we have new items and change up the look of the store before it opens. It was a good shift but my entire body is aching. The DOMS I've been suffering from Sunday's ashtanga class has been quite intense and it's lasted until now, I'm not sure why. 

I had sushi and ice-cream with my fellow lululemons today. I'm really easing into the family and I'll miss them a lot when I'm overseas. I need to sleep early tonight, I'm exhausted, even though I've really been trying to offload or spread out my tasks. Work has been quite good, though. There's a lot of planning to be done and I'm excited to see how the execution will turn out. 

This morning, I received a text message from Tina and it was actually everything I really needed to hear, but now I just need to shower, eat and sleep. Today I am grateful for the little big things, and for Tina. Of all the things in New York City, I am grateful to have met her.

I hope Kanye gets the help he needs for his mental health.

Also: my mom got home and she asked me to change from my shorts to something longer, because my sister's ex-boyfriend is over at our place to play games on the Switch. In this household, women don't have rights and I look forward to Canada and anywhere else I have rights.

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