Sunday, September 6, 2020


I had a rather eventful morning. We arrived at the store to find that a pipe had burst in the mall. The escalators and elevators weren't working, and our store was flooded. We were in crisis management mode, we watched as the electrician fiddled with the power boards, we used bowls to scoop out water from beneath the floorboards. Our floorboards are wooden, and I think they got quite waterlogged, because you could feel them being soggy and uneven when walking on them. This year has refused to let up on us. It was interesting to see that there are vacuum cleaners that suck up water, and they were used to dry up our store of the flood. They reminded me of the fact that I will soon have to vacuum-pack my clothes into my suitcases so as to fit in more things efficiently. Tonight is one of those nights I feel slightly anxious and panicky about Canada. What if they don't understand what I'm saying? What if it's too cold and I get depressed? What if my schoolmates are too young and into TikTok and I am left behind? Then I tell myself it's okay to feel scared of new environments, and also to be aware that I'm probably getting my period in two days. I'll feel depressed but then my body will say SikE! Lol I'm prepared for it.

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