Saturday, April 27, 2019


Not sure why I'm feeling so burned out today but I really think, after all the emotional labor I've done in my life, that I deserve to marry a man who loves me and whom I love and who can afford to let me take a break, even if for a while. I fucking hate hustling with no end, sometimes you keep working and you end up nowhere, you want to study or improve yourself and you don't receive the opportunity, you try so hard and you don't succeed. The saying "if you try and work hard enough, anything can happen" is bullshit and I hope everyone knows this. I mean, yes you can try, and yes sometimes there's a slim chance you can beat the odds, but most times nothing happens and most times no one does. I'm tired. If I hear the word "hustle" one more time today, I will kill someone. I hate people who've already earned more than enough for several lifetimes and who still perpetuate the idea that you should be hustling even when you're middle-aged and already affluent and comfortable. You have more goddamn money than you can ever spend, give that money back to society and stop telling them that the reason that money doesn't belong to them is 'cos they're not hustling enough. This idea that you're alive in this world just to hustle, hustle, hustle, needs to die. Enjoy your life. Fuck the money. Earn enough of it so you don't have to stress about rent and health issues, but fuck the money.

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