Saturday, October 7, 2023


This week, I went to Victoria, the capital of British Columbia and where the BC Parliamentary building is located. I went with the BCFS and other student constituent representatives to propose and push our lobby document initiatives. If you'd like me to explain our asks in person, lemme know, or if you'd like a copy of the document I could also send it to you, otherwise the campaign that we're lobbying for can be found here

We met with different MLAs and ministers across the political spectrum. It felt very much like I was stepping into AOC's shoes for a bit, and I was very thrilled to be there. We also sat in to watch a question period and it was very much like a catfight between the government and its opposition parties. 

When the week was over, we had one day left in Victoria, so Cole drove us to Beacon Hill Park, where we went to the petting farm, and the fall colors in the park made me fall in love with the city of Victoria. Nanaimo needs to up its game so much! It was a great week, but I am zonked out now, and I have to get back to my school coursework. The grind never ends, even though all I want is to live in a cottage and pick mushrooms all day.

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