Sunday, January 21, 2024


Day 15: Who is the first person you thought about today?
I don’t remember, maybe Alessia.

Day 16: Who was especially kind to you today?
No one, not today.

Day 17: What job would you like to trade your job for this week?
I got my hair cut today and would love to try being a hairstylist/hairdresser. It would be so fun.

Day 18: What lie have you told recently?
I told my professor Michael Mackenzie that I would hand in my reflection note for participation marks, but I wasn’t really intending to, and I didn’t do it.

Day 19: What are you beginning to doubt?
I had a lengthy conversation with one of my political professors recently, and I’m beginning to doubt whether I should be working in government or a political party. She told me that I would have to lose parts of myself, and she advised me to stay true to myself instead.

Day 20: What is one thing you have learned about life?
That you can and will thrive if surrounded by the right people, in the right environment.

Day 21: How hard did you work today?
I didn’t have to work hard today, but I worked really hard the past three days.

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