Friday, January 5, 2024


I filled in the questions for the first week of the year from my new journal, and included Saturday’s and Sunday’s, because I don’t think my answers would change in the next two days. If they do, then I’ll edit them, I guess, but it’s unlikely. 

Day 1: What goal would you like to accomplish this year?
I would like to be able to drive/receive my Novice licence. I’ve been on my L, and I have lessons lined up. I have a good feeling about it, this summer I might be able to start driving on my N, and it will taste so sweet. 

Day 2: Who do you envy most? 
My cousin Hazwani. She’s my age, and we grew up together. She has a pretty decent life, she is married to a good guy and have a happy, cute marriage together. She has a stable job as a radiographer, that challenges her, and she also travels fairly often, either with her family members or her friends. She and I are very close, so sometimes I feel a little sad that I’m a few stages behind her in life, but I’m always happy that she’s happy.

Day 3: What is one thing you learned today? 
Today I went for the first Pilates lesson of my life. I wanted to do new things for the new year, and also the first/trial session was free, and so I signed up. It was challenging. However, the instructor is extremely knowledgeable about the human body, and the other people in the class were elderly, retired people so it gave me hope and encouragement that Pilates would get me to strengthen my core and age as gracefully and with as much dignity as possible. I also naturally don’t have the best posture, so all the different alignment exercises are so useful for me. 

Day 4: What is one thing you wish you had done differently today? 
I did everything the way I wanted to do today.

Day 5: What event or milestone are you looking forward to? 
I look forward to graduating university. On the one hand, I do enjoy learning, and I’m a great student. I feel like I could do it for ten more years. On the other hand, the international student tuition fees here are more than three times the domestic prices, so I’m ready to graduate and start earning some money so I can pay off my loans and travel a little bit. 

Day 6: If you were an animal, what animal would you be?
I would want to be a quokka, as they always seem so happy. 

Day 7: What is the best news you’ve received lately? 
That I received the Alexandro Malaspina award for excellent work in my studies, and it came with a $500 prize. The certificate was also dated December 13, 2023. It shouldn’t matter that December 13 is Taylor Swift’s birthday, but of course it does. It was her birthday, and she gave me a gift. ;)

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