Friday, February 16, 2024


It’s been two extremely long weeks. However, it’s the Friday before my reading week, so I’m finally able to breathe for a few days or so. Last week, one of the boards I sit on released a statement about the Gazan genocide that I didn’t agree with nor vote for. It didn’t call it a genocide nor call for a ceasefire. One of my favorite people on campus (the other man apart from my therapist Art), my Liberal Studies professor, Warren, read the statement and called it astonishingly vacuous, so I know I have the right opinion. However, I’ve been spending time with Sara, Katy, and Kiyara, all of whom are WOC who are not from Canada, so I’ve been feeling much more at ease and free to be myself, when I’m talking to them. Last Sunday, Taylor Swift flew from her Eras Tour show in Tokyo to the Super Bowl where her boyfriend Travis Kelce was playing. That was all anyone asked me about, whether I saw “my” Taylor Swift at the Super Bowl, while Rafah was being bombed by Israel. Taylor also gives no fucks about her climate emissions at all, so I’m kinda sick of her. I got myself a new poster to replace the one of her in my bedroom. However, will I still devotedly listen to her upcoming new album The Tortured Poets Department? Only time will tell. (I probably will.) I’m so sick of her. I wish I could say what I really feel about people like Warren, and Art. I love them both so very much. They are two white men whom I absolutely adore and wish I could be friends with forever. Perhaps I can, but it is unlikely. I also tend to hold onto any form of dynamic or relationship longer than I should, and you know what they say, you will always repeat a lesson until you learn it.

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