Sunday, February 4, 2024


Day 22: What is your favorite joke to tell?
I’m all for a two-state solution, but then how would we differentiate between the two Palestines?

Day 23: What is one thing in nature that moves you?
Bodies of water/walking barefooted on the ground or soil.

Day 24: What foods make you happiest?
Hotpot, ssambap, sushi.

Day 25: Which room in your home is your favorite?
My bedroom.

Day 26: What treasured object would you rescue from a fire?
I feel like I don’t treasure any material object enough to need to rescue it from a fire, but if I had to, then my iPad. 

Day 27: What country would you like to visit some day?
The answer to this question could never be exhaustive, but for the sake of answering, I’ll just say Greece.

Day 28: Who are the people in your life who really understand you?
Maggie, my sister Lyssa, Alessia.

Day 29: What could you never give up?
Speaking up for what I believe in.

Day 30: What song could you listen to over and over again?
All Too Well (10-minute version).

Day 31: Who are you worried about? 
My friend Jasmine, and also myself.

Day 32: What is one mistake you don’t regret making?
Not getting a degree earlier in my life.

Day 33: What is the most you would pay for a haircut?
If it’s just a haircut with no wash or other services, $30?

Day 34: What is the best part of your day?
Talking to Sara Kishawi about activism for Gaza.

Day 35: What relationship in your life do you wish you could improve?
The one I have with myself — I want to trust myself and my instincts more.

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