Saturday, April 20, 2024


Taylor Swift has dropped a double album to commemorate her breakup with Joe Alwyn, and of course, I think it’s a fantastic album with great music. So Long, London, and Down Bad are a couple of my favorite tracks from it so far, although I’m still in the thick of my semester-end finals and I haven’t quite had the time to explore the 31 new tracks fully yet, and so my answers may change, a couple of weeks later. Five weeks ago, I met a man called Garrett for a first date in Vancouver. I stepped out of the Skytrain station to meet him, and at that moment, the sun was setting on the Vancouver skyline, so we saw the prettiest sight. It was so pretty that, within a few minutes, Jeremy had texted me to look at the sky. Garrett and I joked that we’d made the gorgeous scenery happen for the other person. We then walked around asking each other questions to get to know each other. On the way to have drinks and dinner, we found out that we had the same birthday, verifying by looking at the other person’s ID. After some mediocre buns and drinks, he got us ice cream, matcha for himself and carrot cake for me, although we shared both pretty equally. The ice cream was fantastic, but the banter felt much more comfortable. For the next two weeks, we called each other pretty much everyday, and then we had another date. On that date, he made some pretty good tacos (that I rated 8/10) and got me a tub of matcha ice-cream, on the lid of which he’d written “4 my penguin”, because penguins are his favorite animal. I met his roommates, a pretty sweet couple, before they left for a party, and then Garrett put on a little bit of Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour for us to watch, before we shared our life stories with each other. I stayed over at his place, and the next morning, we walked around the Mount Pleasant area. In keeping with our tradition, he got me a carrot cake cupcake, because I hadn’t had carrot cake in Canada (which is my favorite type of cake, I know, how uncool lol), and he was making up for lost time, maybe. He also got me an earl grey donut from Cartems, which I really liked, even though I’ve never really liked donuts very much. Since then, we’ve also been calling and FaceTiming, once, twice, three times a day, every day. We’re currently on FaceTime with each other while we’re studying together. We’re both going through our school finals in the next week or so, and then he’s coming over to Nanaimo to stay with me for half the week. He goes to therapy once a week, and is studying to be a therapist. Whenever we’ve run into things that may turn into issues, we talk things through very calmly and thoroughly, and we’ve said how safe we feel with each other that we’re able to bring things up to each other to talk about, instead of letting things sit and fester. I don’t know, it’s small things so far, and nothing major has happened, but the past five weeks have felt so pleasant and lovely and easy. So… We’ll see how things go.

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