Monday, April 15, 2024


Day 92: What is the last trick you fell for?
Alessia asked "why is the word 'gullible' written on our ceiling?" and I looked up. 

Day 93: What annoyed you or made you cringe today?
Forgetting that I had meetings scheduled.

Day 94: What scent makes you happiest?
Lavender, Chanel No. 5 EDP, Taylor Swift's Incredible Things are all scents that make me happy. I also love the smell of caramelizing onions. 

Day 95: What is the formula for success?
In this world? Be born rich.

Day 96: What is the last thing you searched for?
Love. I think I might have found it, too, although it might be early to tell. It's a lot like love right now.

Day 97: What did you forget to do today?
I forgot to bring my copy of Karl Marx's Selected Writings for Garrett.

Day 98: What surprised you today?
I had a donut I liked, from Cartems Donuts. I'm not usually the biggest fan of donuts, but Garrett got me an earl grey one. 

Day 99: What is the quickest way to your heart?
Caring about social justice issues.

Day 100: What is one thing you've never done?
Scuba dive.

Day 101: How soundly do you sleep?
I fall asleep pretty easily, but am quite a light sleeper and am sensitive to noise. 

Day 102: Whose phone number(s) do you know by heart?
Jeremy's. It's the easiest phone number to remember, tbh.

Day 103: Whose heart have you broken?
I have broken up with a few people but I don't know that I can say I broke their hearts.

Day 104: What was the last vacation you really enjoyed?
I think when I went back to Singapore in December 2022. So strange to think that going back to my home country now counts as a vacation for me.

Day 105: What is your mantra?
If you're not depressed, you're not paying attention.

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